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Reading people has nothing to do with a psychic phenomena, illusion, or fortune telling.

It is possible to read people while carefully observing their behavior, their surroundings, and their way of using words.

There is nothing hidden in reading people, but it is necessary to interpret your findings in the correct way, and


Clues to read a person are too many to list, but a few worth mentioning are:

  • their body language
  • their grooming or lack of it
  • their hygiene or lack of it
  • their social interactions
  • their choice of clothing
  • their choice of accessories
  • where they choose to stand/sit after entering a room
  • their facial expressions
  • congruence of words to actions
  • if or how they intrude on others
  • how they speak
  • what gestures they use (also shows the extend of their verbal skills)
  • when/how/ how often they refer to themselves
  • their home environment
  • the books they read (coffee table books are hardly ever read, they are ment to give off an impression)
  • the aesthetics of their environment
  • the photographs they choose to display in their environment
  • what you observe/hear/notice after the first impression that makes you go ‘’Oh’’ either in a good or a bad way

Source : Angie Neik’s answer to Can you really read people? – Quora

Conscience et connaissance : lire n’est pas savoir

Lire pour prendre de la hauteur

On ne change pas ce dont on n’a pas conscience
la conscience ne peut pas arriver sans connaissance.

Et pour déclencher la conscience il faut un niveau de connaissance supérieur… d’où l’intérêt de lire.