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cela se passe de commentaire : plus une personne est belle et plus elle est présupposée compétente

The sad truth about the makeup tax on women! I decided to do an experiment on PhotoFeeler to see how differently people perceive a business photo when the subject is wearing makeup. I took the same exact picture, and only edited it to appear like I'm wearing light makeup with the @makeupplusapp (evening out skin tone, blush, "natural" lip colour, winged liner). As you can see, the picture with makeup is immediately ranked wayyy more favorably. Kinda sucky the "makeup tax" does exist. The funny thing is, people ranked the make up pic as more authentic and confident, so to all those who insist women who wear makeup are fake and insecure….the stats don't lie 😜 For more rankings and the experiment details, head over to the link in my bio!

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